“With spring practice (OTAs, mini camps) now finished in my 3rd year. I want to take the time to send a huge appreciation to my man Kyle Stelter founder and owner of Special Teams University. Those who may not know, I had never snapped a ball in a football game, up till last off season, since 10th grade in high school. Last off season I made a conscious effort to improve my snapping, but i was still focused on playing my natural linebacker/core special team positions. Through all of the struggles of last off season and the hard work I became the full time snapper. Last season was my first doing so and with the help of Vinatieri and Sanchez we became a solid unit.

Good enough will never be good enough, when better is required.

With Special Teams U and Kyle Stelter ….through 4 virtual sessions…from here in Indianapolis, I was coached to tweak my grip,balance, core activation to make my snap with less effort, my velocity increased dramatically, and my locations and accuracy drastically improved with it. So thank you to Special Teams U for the coaching! Cant wait to see where this season is going to take us!”

– Luke Rhodes, William and Mary/Indianapolis Colts

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