“Working with Coach Stelter was great for me, I learned a lot that I never knew about long snapping! I was able to learn that long snapping is way more technical than I thought and we spent time perfecting the little things this weekend. Coach Stelter was able to get rid of my hitch and help me gain speed in my snap. He also helped me with targeting the ball on the punter and how to be more accurate. We worked many long snapping drills and I’m looking forward to working with him again! It was a great experience for me and was well worth the trip from San Antonio, Texas. I would recommend Coach Stelter to any upcoming long snapper looking for guidance and long snapping instruction. The work we did together has helped me to improve, I could see improvement in the few hours we were working this weekend. I just want to give a big thanks to him for helping me become the best long snapper I can be”

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