“Special Teams U was one of the best decisions I had made moving forward with my snapping career. What separates Coach Stelter from the rest is his availability and eagerness to help individuals improve. I was already a scholarship snapper when I met Coach Stelter, but I was not reaching my highest potential. My last two seasons were my best thanks to his help with the small details that are often overlooked. I would recommend Kyle to any level of snapper, whether you are just starting out your career, in college, or in the NFL. The help Coach Stelter provides will help you reach your highest potential due to his desire to see you succeed. One of the best things about working with Special Teams U is being able to contact him when I was in a  rough patch and being able to grind it out before the next game. These are just a few reason why Special Teams University is the best choice in your snapping endeavors.”

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