“Before I found out about Coach Stelter I was a self taught long snapper. My biggest problem was finding : 1) A coach that could teach me more than the simple basics you can find on the internet and 2) A coach that could also help with the mental aspect of being a specialist. Through virtual lessons Coach Stelter was able to help me with both problems during my senior season at UCF. He was always very responsive to any questions I had, and I would definitely recommend having his knowledge by your side during the season (unless you enjoy the RB coach telling you how to long snap). I was also fortunate enough to work with Coach Stelter during my Pro-day prep. During my 2 day stay in Eau Claire WI, we were able to increase my accuracy & speed all by a few technique changes. Coach Stelter Lives, Breathes, and sleeps long snapping. So if you are looking to get to the next level he’s your guy, my only wish was that I started working with him earlier!”

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