“When I got the chance to work with long snapping Coach Stelter on my skills it was great. We really worked on the little things. Of course, the little things matter the most. Kyle really showed me a lot considering before our lessons together I just did basic two-handed long snapping. Before I learned how to snap two-handed, I was a very good one-handed long snapper, but i eventually learned that I wasn’t able to do one-handed anymore, so I had to transition. Because of his lessons he helped me come in as a freshman 3rd stringer and become the 2nd stringer and travel over another senior. I thank him a lot. My speed is incredible and my accuracy as a two-handed long snapper is near perfect. I’m only getting better thanks to the help of Coach Stelter. He is helping me get to my dream of being in the NFL with the big dogs.”

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