“Kyle Stelter came to us at a time when our son was ready to take his skills to the next level. Coach Stelter brought to us the knowledge, skills, and experience of a long snapper who has personally succeeded at the highest levels. No detail escapes his scrutiny, but he always has the big picture in focus. We never felt like one of many students, we always felt like the only student when he worked with us. He is a superb teacher with the natural skill of knowing when to push and when to wait. He has the ability to break down the entire snap into manageable pieces and instruct his students on drills to address any weaknesses. We don’t get to see him in person as much as would be optimal because of the geographic distance, but we send him videos often and he usually responds within minutes. Of course we always believe that our issues are most pressing and he humors us by acting in that manner too. We often rely on him to make informed decisions about long snapping, football, education, and life. He often stays as a guest at our home and he is personally delightful.”

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