“After my stint with the Oakland Raiders, I ordered a Virtual Lesson and learned a ton from Coach Stelter. I learned a better grip for myself and learned how to follow through far more efficiently. I went from being a near one handed snapper to snapping with both hands with far better control, speed, and consistency. This was all within a few Virtual Lessons. I knew this wasn’t enough though, I had to get with Coach Stelter to see what his training was really about. So I flew into Eau Claire Wisconsin and worked with Coach Stelter for two days. Let me tell you, in those two days I understood why so many were going to him for snapping lessons. In those two days we really hammered away at my technique and really emphasized snapping more efficiently. If you want someone who has made snapping a part of their everyday life talk to Coach Stelter and schedule a Lesson. The man can get all the way down to the physics of ball movement and how placement effects the balls flight and rotation. It was truly a great experience and I came away feeling far more confident. Coach Stelter is definitely someone you want in your corner for snapping advice. Thanks again Coach!”

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