“Special Teams U has been able to totally transform how I snap as well as how I train in the off season.
Coach Stelter has mastered the art of making me become comfortable with being uncomfortable during
training sessions. In 2 years I was able to increase speed, accuracy and consistency in my snaps
drastically as well as learn blocking footwork. Very few people truly understand long snapping and how
to break down every movement like Coach Stelter which is crucial in order to correct bad habits during
developing. In my 2 years my confidence level has risen drastically which I believe is half of the battle of
becoming a consistent snapper. In addition to all of this Coach Stelter provided a bridge between
college and the NFL by providing advice, adjusting technique for the next level, help with agents, and
helping me get into the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Headed into the draft and free agency process I feel
confident that Special Teams U has prepared me for what lies ahead.”

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